On Being Called Grandma

The New York Times had an article about movie stars not wanting to be called Grandma, instead using a nickname either thought up by the grandchild, or some other name, that had no hint of the word Grandma.

I have no problem whatsoever being called grandma--and never did. In fact, when my first grandchild was born I was thrilled when he could first say, "Gramma." My great-grandchildren call me Grandma too, though a couple attach my first name as in Grandma Marilyn.

Friends of my grandchildren and the greats sometimes call me Grandma, others just call me Marilyn.

I have a glamorous daughter-in-law who also loves being called Grandma. In her case, everyone is surprised to find out she has three grandkids and two more coming. (Which of course means, I have two more great-grands on the way.)

Honestly, I love the name almost as much as I love the grandkids and great-grands. I consider it an honor to be called Grandma--and I don't really care who does it. If some young person likes me enough to call me Grandma, I take it as a compliment.

Marilyn, Grandma, Great-Grandma



Linda Leszczuk said…
My grandkids call me Nana. It's tradition - that's what I called my grandmothers. I'm so proud of that title, I have it on my license plate.
Hi, Linda, Nana is a good one too. But Goldie Hahn's grandkids call her Glamma and other famous grandmas had odd nicknames. Why wouldn't you want someone to know you're the grandma? That's what I don't understand.
Linda Leszczuk said…
Marilyn - For the movie stars, I'm sure it has to do with trying to pretend they're not old enough for grandkids (who are they kidding?). I'm with you - I'm way too proud of those kids not to want everyone to know about them and that they're mine.
Ricky Bush said…
My first grandchild turns one in a few days. Right now I'm babysitting the ill child (she's napping while I'm typing-gotta hurry). I'm the only adult on either side of the family that simply prefers Grandpa--to Meemaw, Nana Boo, Popo, etc.
Anonymous said…
That's good. I don't think we could change what we call you now, Grandma. You're just not a "nana" or anything else for that matter. I'm glad that you enjoy your title-- You EARNED it.
~Genie (#3 grandchild)

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