Returning Home

As I write this I'm still in Vegas nd as yet not gone to the Sisters in Crime meeting to speak. When it appears I'll be on the road headed home--a six hour drive.

It is a boring drive for the most part across the Mojave desert. I did sww the remnants of wildflowers on the desert floor and some more colorful ones clinging yo the hillsides in the higher elevations of Tehachapi.

On the desert are the remnants of houses, small enclaves of deserted mobile homes, and the remnants of deserted businesses. It's harsh country out there and thousands of vehicles zoom by on there way to and from Las Vegas with no thought about the shattered dreams displayed so harshly on either side of the highway.

I can't hrlp but wonder about the untold stories.



Linda Leszczuk said…
Have a safe trip.
I see I had some typos, that's what I get for trying to do a blog post on my little computer I take with me on trips.


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