The Time is Drawing Close

No, not for the end of the world, but until June 1 you can sign up for the Public Safety Writers Association' conference at the Early Bird rate. However, you need to print out the registration form and mail your check or money order in. You also must be registered by June 1 to be on a panel--if you want to be on one.

You can check out all the information here

If you write about or want to write about anything in the public safety fields: police, FBI, secret service, fire fighting, etc. this is the conference for you. You'll get acquainted with all sorts of people who actually work in the field--but also those who have knowledge about writing fiction and non-fiction, what's new in publishing and promoting.

Because it's a small conference there is only one track so you won't have to choose what panel or speaker to hear. You'll also make friends with people who can be your resource later for needed research.

And best of all, it's just a fun conference. Nothing is planned for the evenings, after all the conference is in Las Vegas, we figure you can probably find something fun to do on your own.



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