Visiting with my 99 year old Auntie

In October my Aunt will be 100 years old!

I was named after her, the name where the F. comes from in F. M. Meredith.

We went to visit her when I was down in Southern California. She's still in her own home, but has around the clock helpers who care for her, cook, see that she takes her medicine, etc.

Once a week, her Bible study group still comes to her house and studies, prays and visits with her.

She still plays the piano, but says not as much as she used to because it wears her out.

We had a great time chatting about "the good old days."  She's a delightful lady, lots of fun, and I love her lots.

In the Bible it says if you're good to your mother you'll live a long time. I told her, "You must've been really good to your mom." She said, "I was."



WS Gager said…
Must be the piano playing that leads to a long life. My grandma is 95 and still plays the piano before dinner most nights to entertain at her assisted living facility. When she doesn't they come looking for her. She walks with a walker and refuses any hint that she should use a wheelchair and her fingers still roll over the ivory. I used a lot of her spunk for Elsie Dobson in A Case of Accidental Intersection. She's also one of my biggest fans passing my books around for people to read. I'm blessed for having any of her genes. (I know I don't have her gift for music though!)
W.S. Gager

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