West Hills College Creative Writing Class

Daughter-in-law and I went off on another adventure. This time to the town of Lemoore. This is the home of the Lemoore NAS. We had Mapquest directions, directions from the teacher who invited me to come to her class, and of course Mrs. Magellan to guide us. We still managed to not get off the freeway where we were supposed to and had to make a loop around to get back on track. We still got there about 10 minutes ahead of time.

The campus of West Hill College is quite new--and beautiful. We went to the Administration Building where we were met by a student of the class and soon the teacher arrived. Together we all walked to the class. One thing I've noticed about colleges, they certainly want their students to be fit, nothing is close.

This was a small class but it was obvious all the students wanted to be there. I'd been asked to speak about promotion--one of my favorite subjects.

One of the students looked very familiar and after the class I asked her where I'd seen her before. She was a staff person in a care home who often brought their employees to classes that I was in charge of a few years back.

After the class the teacher took d-i-l, me, and two of her students out to lunch. What a great lunch it was, not only was the food good but we had a great time visiting.

We had no way finding our way back home.

I really love talking to people interested in writing. Oh, and now I have some new Facebook friends!



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