The Year of Cancellations

Wow, I just heard that the mystery cruise has been cancelled. This is the same cruise that was cancelled last year because the ship it was going to be on had big time electrical problems--yes, the one that made the news. There wasn't time to get it fixed before our cruise.

WHOA! I learned that it's only the mystery conference part of the cruise that was cancelled. The cruise was actually quite inexpensive and my husband and I planned to celebrate our 60th anniversary on the cruise so I think at this point I'm still going.

The first reason given was only 40 people signed up--but the second was Mexico is too dangerous right now. (I'm not sure the 2nd reason has anything to do with it since the cruise itself is still happening.) I did go on a cruise with my high school reunion class and we had for less than 40 people who went, it was more like 20. Of course I'm disappointed, but at this point not sure what I'll do.

The Mayhem in the Midlands conference was cancelled too. This was one of my favorite conferences and hubby and I loved to go to Omaha. We made so many friends at that conference over the years--friends that we only saw when we went there. This one was also supposed to be because of not enough people signing up--but I heard other rumors. In any case, in order to save our air fare we're flying to Nashville for Killer Nashville.

Seems like it's always something. But I've learned over the years that often things happen for a very good reason. So, I'll swallow my disappointment and enjoy all the other things I have planned.

Do I sound like Pollyanna? Who is old enough to even remember the Pollyanna stories? My mother made me read the. The main theme was this, if Pollyanna broke her leg she was grateful she didn't break both of them.



Okay, we're going to make lemonade out of lemons here and the cruise which is no longer a mystery but is still going on will have opportunities for get-togethers for those of us who are going and we'll do our own thing and if other passengers want to join us that'll be great.
~Heidi~ said…
I try to be a pollyanna too, as much as possible (and I'm in my 30s and remember the Disney movies). I think it's easier to be one as you get older, because you learn that no matter how low you go, you always come back up -- eventually. What's the opposite of Pollyana - Eyeore? What goes up must come down? LOL

Enjoy your cruise and happy early anniversary! (That's a significant number!)
Carolyn J. Rose said…
I'm not exactly Pollyanna, at least not 24/7, but I learned long ago that my attitude can affect others, so when I'm in charge (once in a newsroom and now in the classroom), I try to be as positive as I can, even if it's only to say, "This isn't the end of the world. It's just the place from which you can see that."
Heidi, I know that things always change, and sometime what seems bad works out to be good. And Carolyn, I like to be around positive people, the other kind just drag you down.

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