Yes, I Have Another Life Besides Writing and Promoting

We had a graduation party for our Bible study class which began with a great Chinese dinner! Afterwards we played games. These two lucky ladies were searching for three cherries hidden in a pile of whipped cream. When you study the Bible for a period of time with the same group of women, you really do get to know one another and create a bond.

By now, anyone who has been reading my blog regularly knows that I have a big family--and also an extended family of friends.

Recently hubby and I attended a baby shower for one of my grandsons and his hopefully to-be-wife's baby. It was a huge shower with many members of our family, lots of friends, and the mother-to-be's even bigger family than ours. It was held at a huge pavilion in a park. That same day I attended a church council meeting, a have-to because I'm the church clerk and must take minutes of all official meetings. I'm also the one who types and editsi the Pastor's Pen that is included in every Sunday's church bulletin. Every Sunday that I'm home I teach Sunday School to 3rd- 6th grade and of course, attend the church service afterwards. We usually go out to eat somewhere after church and often take some family members with us.

I'm hoping to squeeze in a haircut this week and also have a foot doctor appointment. I usually go to town once a week to grocery shop and do some errands.

I'll be attending a meeting of the board of CRSA which is an association for Administrators of residential care. Something I did for over 23 years. I still write and edit their monthly newsletter so that's why I have to go. When I come home I'll finish the newsletter, which I've already started and I have to take it to the printers to be put together and mailed.

We'll be going to a great grandson's graduation from high school, and his sister's graduation from middle school. I have a Sunday School teacher's meeting to attend, and in June hubby and I are traveling with daughter and her hubby in their motor home to Sedona AZ. We're camping and sightseeing, but I must confess that I'm doing two speaking events while I'm there.

When we get back to California, we're going to celebrate a granddaughter's graduation. Even though all this is going on, I'll be squeezing in some writing time and you'll see me on Facebook and Twitter.



Cheryl said…
So, when do you actually have time to write?

Keep up the great work, Marilyn, You're amazing.
It's not always easy to squeeze in the writing, but I let a lot of things go that I used to always do.

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