And This is All About Our Vacation

We had a wonderful vacation, taking off from Oxnard with daughter and son-in-law in their motor home, driving 12 hours to Sedona, AZ. We made our home away from home at a gorgeous campground, the last picture is of the pond by our campsite.

Daughter Dana, hubby and me are in the photos along with the wonderful scenery of Sedona. Our first full day there, we stayed in camp and enjoyed ourselves. Second day we went into town and shopped until it was time for me to give a talk at the library along with good friend Willma Gore who I haven't seen for years. After our talk, we took her out to dinner at a great Chinese place near her home.

 I was worn out that night. Next day we went on a Pink Jeep tour of the back country. That was really fun and we got to see a lot we wouldn't have any other way. In the afternoon, we visited the Chapel of the Cross, really spectacular and the view is amazing.

On Thursday night we went to a cowboy dinner and show in Cottonwood. It was so much better than I expected, food and entertainment. Absolutely wonderfully talented singers and guitar players--made me wonder why they were there instead of on some big stage somewhere.

On Friday, we did a driving tour and went to one of the state parks. That was fun too, and of course there was a gift shop for us to peruse.

Saturday I gave at talk in the afternoon at the Well Red Coyote Book Store and it was great to see Kris Neri again, the owner of the store. We did a couple of signings together when she still lived in the L.A. area.

My son-in-law makes a great promoter, he went around telling people I was a famous author. Paid off though, someone he talked to came to our camp and bought a book.

We did a lot of other things too, and even had visitors a couple of nights, son-in-law Mike's nephew Scott and his girlfriend shared dinner with us. They live in nearby Prescott.

Saturday evening we packed up and early Sunday morning we took off for Oxnard. On Monday we had lunch with youngest daughter Lori, her husband, and granddaughter, Alyssa, who just graduated from high school. She is the last of our grandchildren to finish high school. Of course she plans to go to college and in the meantime is working in a running shoe store.

This is one of Alyssa's graduation photos.

After lunch, Lori joined us to go see the movie Super Eight which we enjoyed.

Early Tuesday we packed up our stuff and headed back to Springville where it is finally summer.

And that's how we spent our summer vacation.



Shirley Wells said…
What beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

What a gem your son-in-law is. :)
Sedona is gorgeous! And I am very fortunate, our son-in-law seems to really enjoy being with us. This is about the fifth time we've had a motor home vacation with him and my daughter, though this was the longest.


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