High School Graduation for Great-Grandson

Brandon, really cool before graduation.
Granite Hill High School Graduation

The graduate, his grandma, Lisa, grandpa, Henry, Aunt Merenda and niece.
Brandon is the first of my great-grandchildren. Everyone in the family is really proud of him. He plans to be a preacher of some sort--thinking about being a youth minister. He's preached several times at our church and he's a natural. Preaches the word and has the gift of making people laugh.

Recently, he brought the Power Team to the town of Porterville--the smallest city they've ever performed in. He made all the arrangements, including getting schools to pay the cash needed to have members of the team perform at an assembly. He was given permission to take a week off of school to drive the team around to their various performances. It was a huge amount of work and quite and undertaking for a senior in high school.

After the graduation, he, his girlfriend and all of the family went to a pizza place and had a great time.

It'll be fun to see where he goes from here.

Proud great-grandma.


Mason Canyon said…
Sounds like a wonderful young man. You should be a proud great-grandma. Oh, they grow up so fast.

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At the moment, he's off at church camp as a counselor. He has big plans and yes I'm proud of him. Thanks for visiting, Mason.
~Heidi~ said…
He was so little last time I saw him! He and my oldest son were playing around in Melissa's back yard, just little boys running through a sprinkler. This "time flies" thing really takes me by surprise sometimes.

Oh, and Brandon REALLY REALLY looks like one of Debbie's sons (George's daughter Debbie or Juna is her name now). Brandon looks like her son Caleb (you can find Caleb Ward on Facebook). The resemblance is uncanny, but not surprising considering we're all related. What would they be - cousins 3 or 4 times removed? :)
It is funny how those gene's keep popping up here and there, Heidi. I'll have to check out Caleb.


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