June is the Month for Change

A lot of people marry in June, one of the biggest transitions in life. This year, we don't have any June weddings to go to.

Graduations probably are the next on the list. My oldest great grandson graduated from high school already at the end of May and my youngest grandaughter is graduating this month. We also have a great-granddaughter graduating from middle school. We've had quite a few grandchildren and two greats graduate from our little Springville School. Graduations are held outside and you better get there early is you want to have a seat anywhere near the front. We have another great-granddaughter in 2-3 grade in this same school, so we'll have another graduation to look forward to a few years down the road.

For us, the closest thing to a change in June will be going on a vacation out of state. I'll be writing more about that in the next few days.



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