So You Want to be a Guest Blogger

I love having guests on my blogs as some of you may have noticed,

I'm quite happy to interview them if they like or they can do what they want--write a post on a subject of their choice, tell about what inspired their books, give writing tips, talk about themselves, just about anything except for politics or anything x-rated. I do prefer that they keep their language clean, but other than that, I'm pretty much open to whatever they think will interest my readers and perhaps sell their books.

A guest blogger has certain obligations though I've never spelled them out, but for the blogger's own sake they ought to follow these obligations.

On the day the blog comes out the guest should visit the blog and leave a comment. In the meantime he or she should be letting people know about the guest blog through all the usual means--the social networks they are on and of course any lists that they participate on that allows a little BSP. Otherwise, what's the point? Through out the day, the guest should return to the post because if he or she has done a good job of promoting, others should have left a comment. The guest should respond to these comments.

As the host, I am going to plug the guest post but not with the fervor that the guest ought to be doing it. I will remind people about the post at times during the day. Sometimes I'll even comment on someone's comment though that's really the responsibility of the guest.

If you want to be a guest on my blog, all you have to do is ask--email me at



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