Friday at PSWA

What a great day! Guru Tim Dees entertained us before we started with a Power Point disp;ay of cop cartoons. He also prepared great intros for the speakers on the screen. It added a lot. Thanks, Tim!

We began with evryone introducing themselves and giving an elevator pitch if they have a book or wer writing one. What a great array of folks...cope.FBI. OCS, CIA. retirees of different services, lawyers, forensics, probation, Red Cross. firefighters,and more.

First panel had various experts telling us how moviea and TV get it wrong.

I don't have the program in front of me so may forget someone so will only mention a few.

Ellen Kirschberg. uthor and polive psychiatrist was terrific. I'll share more in future blogs.

Christopher Scott Wyatt, college professor, ghostwriter and much much more explained about screenwriting for TV and movies,

Mike Black, retired cop and a mystery author gave great pointers about creating believable characters,

We had a heart rendering panel on firefighying with clips and slides,

Another good panel was on writing for trade magazines online and paper.

My mind is not remembering the rest but I took notes and will share more when I get home.

Sat next to my publisher and enjoyed conversations with her.

Went to dinner with Barbara Hodges, Wendy Gager. Christopher Wyatt and hubby. Fun.

Looking foreard to today.



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