How to Do it All/Time Management

If you think I'm going to give you some wonderful secret about how to manage your time, I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed. What I am going to do is tell you how I do it.

When I was younger, I did far more than I can manage now. I've learned that my mind works much better in the morning then it does in the later afternoon or evening though so I center my biggest jobs and those that require more intelligence soon after I'm up.

I've always been a person who showers and dresses right after I get up--which is usually around 4:30 or 5. I'd certainly like to sleep longer, but it doesn't happen. I started the getting right up and dressed soon after I had kids. With children, you never know what the day may bring, who'll you have to take or pick up from school, or take to the emergency room. Already being dressed helps in these situations.

When I had my care home, my ladies left for work around 6:15 a.m. Licensing liked to make unannounced visits around 8 a.m. I always liked to be dressed if someone like that came to call.

Another reason for dressing right away is once I get immersed in work, I forget what time it is.

I always begin the day with a list. I jot down all the things I want to accomplish, and I try not to be unrealistic.

Oh, right now I guess I better tell you that I no longer do the major part of my housework--I'm fortunate that my daughter-in-law does it, but if she wasn't around to help, I'd pay someone else. I still do our laundry though that chore is nothing like it used to be.

If I'm working on a book, I start writing first. I like to get as many pages down as possible and I when I start winding down, I stop in the middle of a scene so I know exactly where to begin the next time.

To be honest, I'm probably going to look at my email before I really get going on a big project. Often there are things that arrive that I will have to take care of and I'll put them down on my list. Could be things like an interview for someone's blog--or someone who is sending me information that will become a guest post on my blog.

I'll probably post on Facebook what I've got planned for the day. It seems if I tell the world what I'm going to do, I'm more apt to do it. I also like to use to let everyone know when I have a new blog post up--that only takes a minute or two.

Once I've finished my writing for the morning, I'll check email again, then I'll start tackling everything else that's on my list.

I just keep plugging away until I'm done. After lunch, I'll do a few more things, then I take time out to watch General Hospital which really means I stretch out on the couch and take a nap.

After that I may start dinner, or do a few more odd jobs until I must start dinner.

After dinner I no longer do any work. Hubby and I often watch a DVD movie--and it won't be too long after that until I head for bed where I'll probably read and have TV on in the background, By 9 I'll be asleep or nearly there.

This doesn't happen every single day. I don't do any work on Sunday. I teach Sunday School when I'm home and go to church. After church, we usually eat out somewhere--and the rest of the day is spent relaxing. (Yes, I do respond to emails and check Facebook.)

One day during the week, I'll probably go grocery shopping and run a few errands, but I can get a lot done before 9 a.m. when I usually leave the house.

Sometimes hubby and I take off in the a.m. and head to an early movie and lunch somewhere. We love to go to the movies. We might squeeze in some errands while we're at it.

I have other jobs I do, I write a monthly newsletter for a residential care organization and I gather information for that during the month. I also have my own newsletter that I send out once a month. I try to add interesting information to that off and on during the month.

And of course, we take off for different promotion trips--which are sometimes like mini-vacations.

What I don't do is belong to any clubs except for Sisters in Crime and I don't get too many of their meetings. I seldom yak on the phone during the day time. I don't have any drop-in company except relatives. I don't do any sports or go to the casino--except once in a blue moon to the buffet. When I do socialize, it's really special.

And that's how I do it all.



Kathy Bennett said…
Good post, Marilyn.

I've been retired for almost six months (seems like yesterday) and still haven't gotten a good schedule down.

I keep trying though...
BillieJohn said…
Thanks, I think you are right, it is key to do the high-level things earlier in the day, when fresh...and I am (or was!) more inclined to be a night owl. Trying to shift gears on that one.

But what do you do when things take you (or try to take you) off track? I end up with a lot of good intentions, still waiting for their turn!!
Hey, Kathy, believe it or not, I'm retired too, used to have a care home for 6 developmentally disabled women, did more then than I do now.

Oh, things get me off track too, like today, daughter and her hubby stopped by, but I'm always glad to see family. I'll see what else I can do on my list that doesn't take too much energy and brain power. In my younger years, I'd just plod ahead.

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