My Daughter's Birthday

One of my daughter's is having a birthday on the 3rd of July.

She is my number two daughter. She was an easy baby with a good nature and lots of fun. When she started school she began to show her individualism. When I went to kindergarten to see how she was doing, I learned she came to school, but left when she got bored. And she wasn't there then. I had no idea and couldn't understand why the teacher had never told me.

Frantic, I went out looking for her--she was hiding in a bush along the way home from school. Thankful, but not happy, I asked why she left. Her answer was that her sister had already taught her everything the teacher was talking about.

We took care of that problem with the teacher and the principal. I doubt if anything like that would happen today--at least I hope not.

When she was 12 she began acting out but in a rather quiet way, saying she was going one place and really going somewhere else, hanging out with older kids. There were other challenges along the way. And we weren't at all happy when she fell in love when she was only 16 and not yet out of high school. Though the object of her affection was a popular boy and good student, I didn't think my daughter was ready for the kind of relationship she wanted.

Didn't matter what I thought, she and the young man were married when she was 17 and he 18. They both managed to graduate and he joined the Army. Of course a darling baby resulted soon after--my second oldest grandchild. Because my daughter's husband was stationed elsewhere I got to be in the delivery room when this child was born. What a thrill!

Of course there is much more to this story, but to give you the happy outcome, the young man I wasn't happy with, my daughter's husband is now the pastor of our church. He's a wonderful minister in every sense of the word to everyone who attends our church. He is so giving and has little time left for himself.

My daughter is also a perfect minister's wife, something I certainly didn't see in her future long, long ago. I am so proud of her and her husband.

Daughter and her husband now have two girls and four grandkids. And do they love those grandkids!

For her birthday we will take her out to eat, her choice of restaurant, and to the movie she's most like to see. A perfect present since they have little money to spend on fun things.

Happy Birthday, Daughter.


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