Mystery We Write Blog Tour: Meet Mary Martinez, author of Classic Murder

Marilyn: Thanks for visiting today. I absolutely love your photo. Looks like you love life.I hope you’re enjoying the Mystery We Write Blog tour. Can you tell everyone a bit about yourself?

Mary: I grew up in a small town in Utah on a forty-acre farm. We had Black Angus, chickens, dogs and peacocks. Yes, I said peacocks. And I have a bunch of their feathers in my office. I’ve lived here my entire life, and I love it.

I am married to my best friend and together we have six kids. We have both been married once before, so we have the Brady bunch, three boys and three girls. And now we have seven grandchildren. They are the best. We have such fun with them. We have Papa and Nana nights where everyone comes for dinner and play.

My husband and I love to travel, and one of our favorites, is Italy. I gather a lot of fodder for my books by travel and friends.

Marilyn: Mary, please tell us about your newest release.

Mary: Thanks for having me. I am having fun on the blog tour. It has been a lot of work, but well worth it. My newest release is Classic Murder: Mr. Romance. It’s the story about Adam and Katie. Here is a blurb:

Adam enjoys a lifestyle most men only dream of. Then one day he wakes up to find the morning headlines blaring, "Another victim falls prey to Mr. Romance. Who is next?" He suddenly realizes his way of life is not only frivolous, but deadly.

Dubbed Mr. Romance by New York society for his romantic adventures, Adam Fernando Russo loves women. But lately he realizes how lonely it is coming home to an empty house. Can he settle for only one woman? After he makes a list of qualities worthy enough to merit giving up his desirable existence, suddenly recipients of his coveted attention mysteriously fall prey to a murderer. The murders seem unrelated with one exception--all the victims have recently returned from a fabulous weekend rendezvous with Mr. Romance.

Adam’s assistant, Katie Sinclair, knows Adam is innocent with airtight alibis. The police are at a loss so Adam and Katie work together to discover the link between the murders. As luck would have it, their plan to prove the murderer is copying classic Cary Grant movies goes astray just as Adam realizes his perfect woman has been by his side all along.

Marilyn: What inspired you to write your book and if you had to do any research and if so what, and if you ran into any problems writing it.

Mary: First, Adam and Katie wanted me to use them in a story. For this story, the characters came first. Their personalities and names, but I had no idea what to do with them. Then one evening while watching a Cary Grant movie, I had a germ of an idea. And that was the start. The research for this book was a blast. I watched all of Cary Grant’s movies. I had a note pad and wrote a blurb on all of them. Then I picked the ones that I could use for classic murders.

The hardest part was finding movies I could use and make it believable for the story. I hope I accomplished that.

Marilyn, thank you for having me on your blog today. 

Marilyn: I loved learning about you and your book, thank you for stopping by!


So glad you stopped by to visit, Mary, I've really enjoyed learning more about you.

Peggy Eddleman said…
Fabulous interview! That sounds like a really good book.
4RV Publishing said…
Isn't writing mysteries fun? I've enjoyed all the different titles writers have for their books.

Jackie King said…
Great interview. This blog tour has been such fun!
Jackie King
Thanks everyone for stopping by and reading Mary's interview.
Mary Martinez said…
Thanks everyone for dropping by and commenting. I had a great time with the interview.
Anne K. Albert said…
Hi Mary, friends of ours have peacocks, too. We farmsit occasionally and those silly birds always strut their stuff!

Like you, I'm also enjoying the Mystery We Write Blog Tour. It's a lot of work to be sure, but rewarding, too!

Kudos to you and Marilyn. :)

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