On the Road Again

The plan is early rising and getting on the road.

We usually drive as far as Bakersfield and make a rest stop at McDonald's and get a tall cup of our favorite vanilla flavored iced coffee to carry us up over the Tehachapi mountains and then out onto the desert for the long, long drive to Las Vegas.

There is always traffic on that road, but not so much during the week--and we always avoid weekend travel.

Lunch is usually in Barstow if we can make it that far before having to stop. We have a favorite Chinese restaurant there.

We'll land in Vegas in mid afternoon if all goes as planned--and descend upon my good sisters and brother-in-law. It's always great to catch-up with them. She used to live only 8 minutes away and I miss having her so close--though email and Facebook help.

This is the best place to stay in Las Vegas.



Still home and it's 6:30. Not my fault.

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