Packing for PSWA Conference

The Public Safety Writers Association's Conference is right up there with my favorite things to do.
As program chair of course I do have a lot of responsibility and things I have to take that will keep the conference running smoothly.

For the conference I'm taking the list of registered attendees, my copy (plus a few more) of the program, name tags for everyone, time cards to remind people when their speaking or panel time is up. I've also tucked in a book for the raffle. We aren't charging anything for the raffle, it's just going to be a fun thing to add to the conference.

I'm also taking some copies of my own books (two titles) to have for sale at the book table.

And of course you always need clothes. We'll be at my sister's the day before and day after which calls for different clothes than what I'll wear at the conference itself. No, I don't get "dressed up" but I like to have clothes that will look good in photos and not the same outfits I wore previous years because I'm bound to be in one or two that appear on the website.

No matter what, I am anxious to go and see all my friends from previous years and meet the new people who are coming.

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