A Plus and a Minus About Doing Book Reviews

Lately I've done a lot of book reviews--and I haven't purchased any books.

I was given a wonderful book by one of the men at the PSWA Conference, an ARC of a thriller that won't be available until November. I read it and wrote a review to appear when it does comes out.
At the conference I purchased member Robert O'Hanneson's Possum Belly Queen. I had two reasons for doing it, one was the title, the other is the book was published by Oak Tree Press, one of my publishers. I'm only about 1/2 way through but it's a good--but definitely not a cozy.

Lately Simon and Schuster has been sending me mysteries--really good ones by big names even one of my favorites--but they are coming so fast I can't keep up with them.

I also belong to Amazon Vine's review program. I was invited and decided to do it. You get to choose from more than books, 2 items at a time, and you must review them. I always choose food because you can eat some and write a review and it doesn't take much time. A lot of the books don't tickle my fancy, but some do and I've chosen, read and reviewed. I picked a DVD once and I thought it was going to be like the movie Traffic which I loved and that's how it was described--but ick, it was more like watching a porno flick with no relation to Traffic that I could see. It's the only think I haven't given a good rating too. I got a lot of flack back from that review--I think from the producer.

I like to pick kids' books too because they don't take long to read and they are fun. Plus I have lots of kids in my family to pass them on to.

All this reading makes it hard to write though, so I try to limit my reading to meal times and bed time. Once in awhile though a book grabs me and I have to keep on reading.

This is my excuse as to why I haven't done more planning for my next Rocky Bluff P.D. crime novel.



jacqueline vick said…
I love to review books, but you're right. It takes a lot of time.

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