Rowena Through the Wall - Inspired by Anxiety!

 By Melodie Campbell

Sometimes, a girl just needs a good adventure.

I was sitting at my desk at work having a meltdown one day - okay, not a total meltdown, but a pretty significant panic attack, as anyone totally overwhelmed by work, kids, and parental caregiving will occasionally do.  I looked up from my desk and thought – if I could walk through that wall over there into another world, I would do it right now.  That night, Rowena got her start.

Simple choice really:  I could run away from home, or I could create a lovely world of my own where all the characters had ripping adventures.  That’s why I write – to provide readers with a fun escape for a few hours.

Rowena is a college instructor who falls through her classroom wall into an alternate world that resembles ancient Britain.  But it’s not our ancient Britain…the history differs somewhat and that makes all the difference.  When you deal in alternate world fantasy, you can make the adventure more fantastic.  You can include magic; you can ‘size up’ the men, and ramp up the passion. 

The research came naturally because I have a tie to Britain; my late cousin Tony Glegg-Hill was a Viscount, complete with castle.  I already knew why fortresses were built like they are, with crenellations and rounded turrets.  But I did need to do some research into Satanic weddings…now that was an interesting experience!

As far as Rowena is concerned, she’s off on an adventure that Midwest Book Review called hot and hilarious!  I had to strip off a few inhibitions when I wrote this, because even though it is fantasy, I wanted it to be rational.  By my reasoning, if a good-looking gal were plummeted into an ancient world, some guy (or ten) would probably try to claim her.  And what would happen then?  Rowena is spunky; she figures out what she has to do to survive.  And it ain’t spinning yarn by the river…

Rowena is a sexy adventure novel for women.  Men have their James Bond, after all.  My hope is that some people will have as much fun reading this as I did writing it.

Short bio:

Melodie has been a bank manager, marketing director, college instructor, comedy writer, and possibly the worst runway model ever.  She has over 200 publications, including 100 humor columns, 30 short stories, and one novel; most of her publications are blatantly comic, which explains why she was opening speaker for the 1999 Canadian Humor Conference.  She is also the General Manager for Crime Writers of Canada.  And that’s no joke.

Rowena Through the Wall is published by Imajin Books and is available through Amazon, Kobo, and other stores.

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