Sometimes I Get Overwhelmed

My goal is to write or have a new post on my blog every single day. I thought I'd done one for today, but obviously I didn't.

I make lists every single day about what I need to get done. Actually, I have a small tablet by my computer and it's an ongoing list, I cross of what I've done and add what needs to be done. Most of it is writing stuff.

At the moment I got write 2 blogs. I need to do one for the Stiletto Gang and another for Make Mine Mystery. Both are blogs that I appear on twice a month.

I need to write a letter to Barnes and Noble in Las Vegas as they owe me for four books that were purchased while I was speaking to the Sisters in Crime group that met there on Mother's Day.

I've already written a short article about the PSWA conference for my chapter of Sisters in Crime.

Then there is the not so small chore of toting up receipts of what I made selling books and other writing related items and what I spent going here and there to sell books. It's a lot easier to do this at the end of each month instead of waiting until the year is over to have totals for income tax. That's on my list, but won't happen until this weekend.

I also need to decide which books I'm going to take to the Tehacapi Book Festival the first weekend in August. This is a new one for me so not exactly sure how that will go. The time is shorter than most because it doesn't begin until 11.

There are a lot of things I need to do online to promote my books and I may get around to one or two before the day is over.
Tonight is my writer's critique group but I'm ready for that.

So, my advice to self is calm down and take one chore at a time.



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