Writer Expenses vs Income

Granted, I'm just published by two small presses, but when I toted up my writing expenses for June, I had to gulp. They certainly didn't come anywhere near what I actually made from my books.

Of course there was a good reason, we made a trip in a motor home (gas prices were horrible) and stayed in a lovely rv park while we there (it cost a lot but not nearly as much as if we'd stayed in a hotel--especially in Sedona.) Though we at a lot of meals in the motor home, we usually had at least one meal out.

I gave two presentations, one in a library and another in a bookstore. The attendance was good at both, but book sales were only so-so. Thanks for my son-in-law I also sold a book at the r.v. park--but I gave one away too.

I handed out lots of cards with information on them about my books so hopefully someone may buy a book because of that.

I've got lots more promotion trips planned and some involve hotel stays and of course eating out.

So how can I decide whether or not it's worth it?

First off, we had a great time with our kids (it was their motor home) while we were in Sedona, plus we did a lot of sightseeing, and I got to spend time with an old friend.

It's fun to go to new places, see new things, and talk to people about my books whether I sell a lot or not.

Writing conferences are always fun and I've made a lot of friends going to them. My husband enjoys them too.

Next year though, I've made up my mind, except for the PSWA conference in Las Vegas, we're going to stay in California for all our promotion trips.



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