Blacberry vs iPhone

Today I'll be flying from Bakersfield to Nashville TN to attend Killer Nashville.

So while I'm doing that, I thought I'd leave my thoughts about the Blackberry and the iPhone.

I started out with a Blackberry and I loved it. I loved the keyboard that it had and it was easy to use. I was able to set up everything on my own. Time passed and I used the heck out of that little phone--except not much as a phone, though I didn't have any trouble using it that way.

Some thing went a little haywire with it after a lot of use, don't really remember why, but it was time for an upgrade so I marched myself down to the ATandT store. The goodlooking young salesman told me it was time to have and iPhone. "You'll love it," he said and she showed me all the wonderful things I could do with it. Unfortunately, he didn't tell me how to turn it on.

A friend of my grandson's stopped by the house and showed me how to turn it on. However, neither of us could figure out how to hook up the email to my server. I also couldn't figure out how to type on the keypad. I clicked away with my fingernails and nothing happened at all! Grandson's friend pointed out I had to use my fingers themselves.

To get hooked up to my Internet server I had to go to the server itself and one of the young women in the office hooked me up. Once I learned how to use it, I did alright. I even got to like it, everything but the keypad. Much too touchy.

I used my iPhone a lot--not for phone calls but emails, the Internet, playing Solitaire. One day it went wonky. It wouldn't hold a charge--maybe it did, but it wouldn't show that it was holding a charge. Back to the AT and T store. Actually I'd been back there a lot because there were so many things I couldn't figure out. Usually they could help me, but not this time. I was told I'd have to take it to the Apple store, nearest on an hour plus drive away.

But I was ready for an upgrade so said I'll have a Blackberry this time. We'll what do you know, the store was able to set up my email account. The Blackberry had both kinds of keypads, I could choose which one to use. Things were fine for awhile, then letters started disappearing out of sentences in my emails making them impossible to understand. The good old store fixed it--by rebooting--but it only lasted for awhile. I rebooted, same thing, only lasted for a short

The store told me to go to the Blackberry site on the net and get my Blackberry upgraded. Took a long while, and I lost some stuff, but it's working again.

Technology, isn't it great? Well, at least when it's working.



Shilpa said…
Hello Marilyn..I love my iphone..i haven't been able to use any other phone since I started using iPhone. I especially find blackberry very confusing. :)
I'm not thrilled with any of them, Shilpa.

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