Frustrating Day

Actually it began the day before when we got a call from one of credit card companies asking about a couple of purchases--no we didn't get a room at the Ramada Inn in Philadelphia nor did we buy a bunch of stuff from Coca Cola. Credit card cancelled right then and there. New one coming.

Went to bedroom, turned on the TV, no reception. Nothing. I like to watch TV before I go to bed. Hubby came, everything hooked up okay. He remembered the cable co. had a truck working on the pole at the end of our lane. He called the company, talked for about an hour, trying things with the TV. Nothing. Can't send a truck back until Friday. We have one TV we can watch in the living room because it's Direct TV shared with relatives next door. I'll have to pretend like it was back in the olden days when everyone only had one TV.

Got up early the next day because of course I'd gone to sleep early. Going to write. Even got another new idea for work in progress while sleeping. Wanted to check my emails--no Internet. Figured it was something wrong with our provider so waited and got some good writing done.

Around 9 I called, they were not having a problem. She had me turn off the computer and back on again. I did, not Internet. She had me do a few more things on the computer. No solution. Then she had me unplugging things--but the last one I couldn't manage it, had to get son. He unplugged and plugged it back. Guess what? Yep, Internet again.

Checked emails, did stuff I needed to do. Went back to writing, then my daughter came over. She needed to talk so we had a good visit. When she left it was lunch time and I remember I needed to do the laundry.

End of my progress on my novel--oh, well there's always another day.



Monti said…
Days like that make you realize how dependent we are on technology. Hope your weekend runs well, Marilyn!

Shirley Wells said…
It always surprises me how so much technology can fail at once. It never seems to be just one thing.
Have a great weekend!

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