Great Day at Tehachapi Book Festival

We were up early and left about 6 a.m. for Tehachapi. Used GPS on Blackberry because wasn"t sure where to get off main highway for festival. We stopped at McDonald's for breakfast and Mrs.B kept telling us to make a u-turn from my purse. We were the first to arrive so I got to pick my spot. They had tables and chairs and tent covering.

It was obvious many of the authors had never done a festival like this and didn't bring a table covering. I just have a black plastic tablecloth that I decorate with crime scene tape. Does the trick. I also have stands with prices on them for my books.

An author's husband who bought earlier books in my Temoe Crabtree series bought four more before things got started. Sales weren't what I'd call brisk but I sold more books than most, hadn"t out many cards and talked to lots of folks.

I was tickled to see old friend Claudia Elliott who is now the wditor of the Tehachapi newspaper. (She bought books too.)

Some authors I noticed don't realize you need to talk to people as they pass by and tell them about your books.

They had some good speakers but the venue didn't really work--too much talking, which was necessary to sell books.

We checked into the Holiday Inn Express and had dinner with fellow author and friend, Madeline Gornell.

I was glad I came. Fun day!



M.M. Gornell said…
It was a lovely day!

Jean Henry Mead said…
Sounds like fun, Marilyn. I hope you sold enough books to pay for your trip!

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