John Bray's Latest, The Confidential

My newest novel, my second, is entitled THE CONFIDENTIAL, released this July by BeWrite Books.. The story is a fictionalized version of events that took place in the early 1970's.

I was a lieutenant in the NYPD, admitted to the bar and recruited to work in a unit known as the Department Advocates Office. Our task was to prosecute charges brought against members of the department which were tried before a Deputy Commissioner of Trials acting as judge.

During that era the NYPD went through major upheavals i.e. Serpico and a detective named Robert Leuci, His story was made into a movie entitled PRINCE OF THE CITY. Tim Dees played a clip from the movie at the PSWA conference.

I left the department after 17 years, taking a vested interest pension and opened my own law practice. Some of that experience in my law practice filters its way through the book.

Much of THE CONFIDENTIAL is pure fiction but I used events and people I had dealings with to form the framework. Not much research was needed but I began to wish I had kept copies of the files I worked on. For some reason the trauma of seeing the dismissals, suicides and lengthy imprisonment of cops caught up in the scandals and observing the hypocrisy of the department from the inside became too much.

The general theme of the book is how disillusionment drives some cops (and agents) over the edge.

The title of my first book is THE BALLAD OF JOHNNY MADIGAN. Both books are available through BeWrite at also Amazon, B&N and in all the e-media, nook, kindle,etc.


John Bray has a BS in Police Administration from John Jay College (1966), a Juris Doctor from Broolyn Law School (1970) and an MA in Theology from Immaculate Conception Seminary on Long Island (2004). !7 years NYPD and 30 years private law practice. Married 52 years, now live in Williamsburg, VA


LD Masterson said…
I enjoyed John's first book, The Ballad of Johnny Madigan, which I picked up at the excellent PSWA conference. Looking forward to reading his latest.

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