My Birthday

Yep, I'm another year older--how old I'd rather not say. It's pretty easy to figure out though since I'll be married 60 years this October. Yep, 60 years to the same fellow. How he's managed to put up with me, I'm not sure.

Not going to do anything special because we're headed off to Nashville TN in the early a.m. I'll call that trip my birthday present.

I don't feel as old as my birthdays tell me I should--at least not inside. I realize it when I have to hurry up, climb up stairs, try to stay awake to watch a TV show.

Anyway, it is my birthday today.



Mason Canyon said…
Marilyn, Happy Birthday. I hope you have a wonderful day and celebrate the coming year with much joy and happiness.

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LD Masterson said…
I know - it was one of those old fashioned arranged marriages when you were nine, right?

Happy Birthday. See you in Nashville.
Carolyn J. Rose said…
Have a wonderful time in Nashville. Much writing success in the year ahead.
Shilpa said…
Happy Birthday Marilyn!
Mason, thank you.

LD--looking forward to Nashville. Yep, married at nine. Not.

Carolyn, enjoyed your latest so much.

Thank you, Shilpa!

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