My Love Affair with E-Mail Has Waned a Bit

Don't get me wrong, email is one of the many things I do right away everyday. Though I get a lot of junk mail every day, I also receive some interesting letters, often a request to be a guest on my blog, or the information I've requested for someone to guest on my blog.

I love hearing what friends and family are up to, but Facebook has mostly replaced email for that kind of interaction.

I'm on a lot of lists which I enjoy reading and often get ideas for books I'd like to read, a new promo idea to try, a request for a program design for someone wanting to open a residential care facility, and much much more.

In the not so olden days, after snail mail, email was the next best thing for sending out invitations, finding out how someone was doing, letting people know what I've been doing, announcements about my latest book. Again, Facebook and Twitter and other social sites have taken over--and quite nicely at that.

I still carry my Blackberry along with me where I go and I check my email faster than I check Facebook. And by the way, I seldom use my Blackberry as a phone, in fact I seldom get a phone call on it and when I do I fumble around trying to figure out how to answer it.

So how do you feel about email?



I read my email first thing in the morning and usually at night also before I go to bed.

Lately I've had to wade through more and more spam to find those I open, and that's with spam guard.
James Garcia Jr said…
Hello, Marilyn.
I used to stress out if I was away from my computer or out of town because I was unable to check my e-mail. I also work 11 hours and my publisher is in England, so there was a lot of stress there...
Now, with trusty iPhone, I am able to keep myself updated at any given moment. It's expensive, but now I miss nothing.
Take care,

Shilpa said…
Emails are an absolute must for me. First thing in morning and last thing at night. Of course, we no more have to depend on computers. Iphone and blackberries are our saviours!
Hey, Barbara, the spam is really a pain.

And James, don't ge me wrong, I do like being able to see what email I'm getting, but it's way too addicting.

Shilpa, I agree, they are a must. Just saying, it is rather a love, hate relationship.

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