On Getting Old

Yep, I'm old. Going to have another birthday in a few days but I'm at the stage I'd just as soon not celebrate and I don't want any presents.

You can't make it to 60 years of marriage with the same fellow without getting old--or having 18 grandkids and 12 great-grands.

But the funny thing is most of the time I don't feel old. Inside I feel the same as I did way back when I was young. Oh sure, I have aches and pains I didn't have then and I certainly take a lot more pills. It's not quite as easy to get around and my knees hurt going up and down stairs.

What I hope though is I don't act like I'm ancient like some people I know who are younger than I am.

I've been watching folks who are around my age and they give off old-folks vibes. I don't want to do that. I'm not going to talk about the good old days all the time, or the things that are wrong with this country, or describe all my ailments.

What I want to do is enjoy the moment, talk about upbeat things, how blessed I am, and keep doing all the things I enjoy doing.

I must confess, I do talk about our growing up years with sis because she has different memories of the same things that I remember. That's kind of fun. And I do write about the way it used to be at times here on my blog.

For the most part though, I'm enjoying my family, my writing, planning fun things to do in the future.

From an old lady who still feels young.



Ellis Vidler said…
Marilyn, congratulations on sixty years with your husband. That's quite an accomplishment. I also like your attitude about being upbeat and enjoying life. It's the way to go at any age. Hope you have many more years to enjoy.
Anne K. Albert said…
Couldn't agree more, Marilyn. "Old-folks vibes" will send my scurrying quicker than anything.

Btw, happy birthday!
Linda Leszczuk said…
Do you ever start to get up and offer your seat to a little old lady and then realize she's probably younger than you are? We're never old in our own minds.
Patricia Deuson said…
Your post gave me a chuckle.

Happy [early] Birthday!!

Kate Dolan said…
I think talking about the past doesn't make you old, it makes you interesting. I think what makes people old is when they close their minds to new ideas and refuse to accept the idea that they might be wrong about something. That can make you old at a young age! You're on the right track!
Sue Curran said…
I spent Saturday chasing after my 17 month-old granddaughter so, Meredith, I understand a little of the achy knees and oldness. I also wouldn't have given up that day for anything in the world. I look in the mirror some days and wonder where on earth that wrinkled face came from looking back at me.

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