Pleasing Your Readers

Of course that's what I want to do.

It's great when you get feedback for readers telling you what they liked and even what they don't like.

I have readers that really like it that my characters don't use bad language. Well, they do, but I don't write it down. I hope that my readers have enough imagination to figure out when the character is using bad language. Sometimes I describe that the person did without saying the exact words. I know that plenty of writer are exacting about what their characters say--but I just don't do it.

The same thing with sex--yes, of course my characters have sex. Tempe and Hutch (in the Deputy Tempe Crabtree mysteries) love each other and definitely enjoy the sexual part of their marriage. When you read one of my books you'll know when things are leading up to them having sex, but I always close the bedroom door. I figure all of my readers are mature enough to imagine what happens next.

I have one reader that would like me to get rid of Tempe's husband, Hutch. She thinks he's just too nice. Well, I think he's a great husband and someone for her to talk to about things that are going on. Sure, he's a preacher and at times he gets upset when Tempe uses Native American ways to find out things--but that's only because he fears for her soul.

Even in my Rocky Bluff P.D. mysteries I mostly shut the bedroom door and keep the language clean, though I have been known to use the slang words that refer to bodily functions.

I have one fan of my Tempe books who begged me to put her in a book. I have used peoples' names for characters in books when they've won the "privilege" in a contest, but that's not what she wanted. She wanted to be a character. She does have some interesting quirks so I agreed as long as she didn't mind having a different name and a changed personality. I just finished writing that book which I'll dedicate to her using her real name and a bit of an explanation. Of course it's a year away from being published. I'm still reading it chapter by chapter to my critique group and then I'll probably do some major editing.

Why would I want to please my readers? Isn't it obvious? I want them to keep on buying my books because they like them. And I like it when they tell me events they'd like to see happen in my series--maybe I'll use the idea, maybe I won't. But one idea always leads to another.

If you are a reader of my books, be sure and tell me what you think.



Shreya Redeemed said…
I have not read your any book, but I must say your writing is just awesome.. nice blog by the way :)
Bonnie A Kelly said…
I enjoy Marilyn's books. Tempe's stories don't need a lot of sex and bad language. That might be fine when necessary to a plot, but Marilyn's writing holds my interest just the way she goes about it now. And, I like Hutch. Wish there were more guys like him in the real world.
Thanks for learning how to type so long ago Marilyn.
Bonnie B.A. Kelly
Oak Tree Press Associate
Thanks Shreya, hope you'll try one sometimes.

Hi, Bonnie, I like Hutch too. He's a good match for Tempe.

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