Widowhood is Not Funny by Alanna Kvale

Feb. 23. 2004, after 35 years of marriage, my husband, Mel, had a sudden heart attack & I found myself a widow, unprepared, uncertain what came next & terrified of a future without him.

I was fortunate that my children were grown when this all happened, though my daughter still lived at home with us. I'm actually grateful that she did, she really helped me with everything, including supporting me in my desire to write this book.

My husband Mel and I were working together on his custom engraving business, making big plans for our future, looking forward to our last child leaving the nest. Our son was already married & had a son of his own at that time.

I was working doing copywriting jobs for Mel, helping him market his business, & acting as his office manager and as he called me "his creative director." In a single heartbeat, all of that disappeared. I had no husband, no business partner, no income. All our carefully laid out plans and dreams were gone. I just hope I can help other women going through this journey, to show them that though it looks bleak now, there is a future and they can get through this, they're not alone

In the next 3 years, I learned a lot & read everything I could lay my hands on about widowhood. As a writer, I knew I'd have to put it down on paper & I knew there were so many other women out there with the same pain, fear & uncertainty.

Widowhood Is Not Funny
is a guidebook & is intended to help the new widow make it through her grief, find her new purpose & move forward into her new future.

Alanna Parke Kvale
This is an e-book and is available at:
http://www.amazon.com for the Kindle
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Alanna Parke Kvale
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Shilpa said…
All the best with it,Alanna. It is a noble thing to do.
Liz Klein said…
Glad to see you continuing your mission of helping and inspiring women, Alanna. And Marilyn, thank you for bringing Alanna's work to a wider audience.
This is a much needed book. One of my daughters was left a widow with three small children--sad and so much to face.

Thanks for writing your book, Alanna, I know it will be helpful to many.

AlannaK said…
Shilpa-thanks for the encouragement.

Liz-your support & your belief in me is always appreciated!

Marilyn-thank you so much for helping promote my book.

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