CCWC Report #3 More from Mark Coker

Print books have lost ground because they are too expensive and the big publishers have archaic business practices. And they are making the problem worse by judging books on their perceived merit.

Big publishers have monopolized the business, they were the deciders, the ones at the pearly gates deciding who got in and who didn't. Bean counters run the publishing business. Unfriendly policies. Broken supply chains.

Books are precious. Books are vessels for cultural preservation. Books are endangered.

Multiple cross-currents of technology are colliding with traditional publishing.

Technology is transforming publishing: faster, smaller, cheaper.

Print books are unaffordable for the rest of the world--the global market.

Mark Coker was great--most definitely a mover and shaker and he sees what the future holds for writers.

Having been e-pubbed for years, I loved hearing all that he had to say.



Regge Ridgway said…
Wish I could have been there at SLO but glad you reported on it. I think the ebook phenomenon is running parallel with the music industry. Everyone liked the downloading of songs to a device. Why not books. I love that i can download a book to my kindle in about a minute and can carry it with me along with thousands of others. Granted, I was a bit greedy at first and downloaded more that i should but the price and availability made it irrisitible.
Hope to see you in Porterville for your new book release.
Thanks, Regge. I love my Kindle too. That would be great if you could come to my book launch.
Shirley Wells said…
I'm really enjoying your reports from CCWC. Thanks so much for sharing!

I would have enjoyed listening to Mark Coker and I can't believe he's so young. :)
Anne R. Allen said…
Wasn't Mark fabulous? I learned so much. And he's a great guy. He even pimped my blog on Smashwords on Monday. I was so honored.
I agree, Anne, Mark is an amazing young man. He even seemed a bit surprised by his own remarkable success.

Thanks for this post! i really enjoyed reading it!!!

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