Central Coast Book Festival

Another early day. Everything went really smoothly and we were all set up by the time people began arriving.

Because it was so beautiful weather wise, lots and lots of people stopped by and talked to me about my books, and many bought one or two.

We were sitting right across from the steps to the San Luis Mission and because it was Sunday, watched everyone going to Mass--and got to hear the old mission bells as they clanged away. We could also hear some of the singing. We were also in a place where we could see and hear all the author readings.

I gave a talk at 11:30, but my knee was still bothering me and going and coming was not easy. I've decided if I attend this event again, I won't bother giving a talk. (I don't even remember signing up for it this time.)

One of the best things about any of these book festivals is talking to people. Because of my knee I didn't stand up to talk--something I usually do--but it didn't matter, many, many folks stopped by. I had lots of business cards on the table and they were all scooped up.

At four o'clock we packed up and headed to the parking garage dragging our two pull-alongs. We got back to the hotel just in time to freshen up and then head out to the Great American Fish Factory at the bay front where we met good friend, Karen Kavanaugh, for dinner. As usual, we had great food and wonderful conversation.

When we returned to our room it wasn't long before we were both asleep. Great weekend, but a bit wearing. When I woke in the a.m., my knee was nearly back to normal.



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