Coming in November, Mystery We Write Blog Tour

 Yep, we're doing it again, only this time with a few new faces--and books. Every one will appear on each other's blogs--and the challenge is doing something different on each one. If you want to see how imaginative and clever we can be (hopefully) be sure and follow along. This will be quite an experience. 

You may meet new authors with new books, just in time for holiday giving. Don't worry we'll all be reminding you when the time draws nearer.

Authors featured who will be featured on my blog:
Nov. 25 – Jean Henry Mead
Nov. 26 – Jackie King
Nov. 27 – Timothy Hallinan
Nov. 28 – M. M. Gornell
Nov. 29 – Wendy Gager
Nov. 30 – Alice Duncan
Dec. 1 – John M. Daniel
Dec. 2 – Pat Browning
Dec. 3 – Ron Benrey
Dec. 4 – Beth Anderson
Dec. 5 – Anne K. Albert 
Dec. 6 – Earl Staggs
Dec. 7 – Jinx Schwartz
Dec. 8 – Mike Orenduff
Dec. 9 – Recap



M.M. Gornell said…
I must say, I am getting a little excited...


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