Family Reunion

While my posts have been appearing, I've actually been enjoying the Mitchell Family Reunion. I think this is our 4th. We're also celebrating my Aunt Flossie's 100th birthday! She outlived her sister, my mom, by three years.

Two of my great-granddaughters and a niece are in charge of this event. We have lots of cousins who come, my sister and my cousin Barbara are the eldest of the clan now--not counting Margie's and my husband.

We all have lots of offspring and some of them have offspring too. Of course not everyone comes, but enough to make for a rousing crowd.

We meet in Barstow (that's in the middle of the desert on the way to Las Vegas) at a great Holiday Inn Express. We enjoy their great breakfast in the a.m. Two of my daughter's do Friday night's dinner and do my chili for Saturday night. We have all sorts of goodies to eat. This time we'll be spending some time honoring and celebrating the birthday. We always have a talent show--some good talent from the kids and lots of crazy antics from the others. And of course we play games, our favorite being Estimation--my mom's favorite and it always makes us think of her. It's lively and easy and even the kids can play, but even if they don't there are lots of other things for them to do.

I'll post some pics if I can get the camera on my Blackberry to work.



A lot more happened at the reunion than what I anticipated.

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