Fighting in Your Books

One of the panels I attended was about fights in books. Panelists were authors Rick Reed, and Mike Black (also former police officers), Ernie Lancaster, a police sniper, and Stephen Brayton, Marshall Arts Expert.

Think of the violence you can do to hurt your oppoenent.

A person with a knife can hurt you if they get within 21 feet. Knives penetrate Kevlar vests. Kevlar won't stop arrows either.

Pick up on the person's body language. Police are trained to anticipate and react immediately.

The goal is to incapacitate your opponent.

Most policemen are killed b their own guns.

Don't pull a gun unless you're going to shoot--then shoot between the eyes.

A police officer is responsible for every one of his bullets.

Give your characters tough choices.

Do what you can right there, right now.

Dumb to use only your hands. Save your hands. Use whatever you can get into you hands to use as a weapon.

Remember where the characters are fighting--they will be hurt and their clothes will be ruined.

This was a great panel.




LD Masterson said…
You're doing a great job of distilling these down to the basics.
It is easy to fail and fall if you do not know what it is that you want to achieve....

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