Happy Birthday, Hubby!

Today is my husband's birthday. We've been a pair for nearly 60 years.

His childhood was far different from mine: brought up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in a small town, only child raised by a grandmother and a maiden aunt and widowed aunt, mother passed away when he was 5, father visited, had lots of cousins. Left home when he was 18 and joined the Navy.

I grew up in the big city of Los Angeles, had a sister, raised by my mom and dad. Had some cousins but not nearly as many as my husband.

When I was a senior in high school, I was called by a friend and asked if I'd like to go on a blind date. Of course I would--my friends walked half way to meet me and that was the first time I saw this cute sailor. He kind of looked like Frank Sinatra with sleepy eyes like Robert Mitchum.

Stationed at the Hueneme Seabee Base, he came to visit me almost every weekend after that.

We married back in his home town that same year. The following year, in August, we had our first child--the only one born on the East Coast.

We had four more kids after that, all born in California.

We've been through a lot, he was startioned all over the world--places I couldn't go, and he served three tours of duty in Viet Nam.

He's a great piano player and singer.

He retired after 20 years in the Seabees. Worked at Sears for 15. We moved to where we live now and together ran a home for developmentally disabled women for over 20 years.

I've always known he loves me. He's always been a good provider--and he can do just about anything, though he's slowed down a bit.

Happy Birthday, dear hubby and best friend.

Love you so much,



Mason Canyon said…
Happy Birthday to your husband. He sounds like a wonderful, caring man. May all his birthday wishes come true.

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LD Masterson said…
Happy Birthday to him. And may this day be the start of a wonderful year for you both.
Made a correction, we were married in October had our first child in August. Thanks to youngest daughter who pointed that out. She wondered if there was a sibling she had never met. LOL!
Genie said…
Happy Birthday, Grandpa. Hard to believe that the two of you who didn't have lots of brothers and sisters started our big clan.
You are truly a special man and I'm so lucky to have you for my Grandpa!
Love, Genie
Sue McGinty said…
Such a cool story, Marilyn. Loved your grandchild's comments that you started the clan.
Grandpa said "Thanks, Genie." And to you too, Sue.

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