Happy Birthday, Little Sister!

My sister was born when I was five. Up to that time I'd been a spoiled only child--first grandchild for my mom's parents. Despite the fact that I was born during the depression, life seemed wonderful.

I remember nothing about my mom being pregnant, what I do remember is the tiny baby that she brought home with lots of dark hair. I was no longer quite so special.

My sister was darling. As a little girl, she reminded everyone of Margaret O'Brien--a famous child star of the time period. I told everyone at school she was a princess and a refugee from the war (World War II was going on at the time) and that she was living with us to keep her safe. I doubt anyone believed that since I was known for telling "tall tales." Everyone, but my sis--for years she thought she was adopted.

We didn't really get along all that well. For a long while we shared a room which we divided down the middle. I was neat--she wasn't. She loved to throw stuff over on my side.

Once she stole my diary and shared it with everyone she could find.

I left home to get married right after high school so I missed out on a lot that was going on in her life. When I had my first child, my parents and sis drove all the way across country to visit. I was happy to see them all.

She married right out of high school too, but I missed the wedding.

I had two children before this happened. After that every time she was pregnant, I became pregnant three months later. I can assure you it wasn't on on purpose.

She had three kids, I ended up with five. All of her natural born children were boys and she desperately wanted a girl, so she adopted one.

As time went on, we because good friends. She was so helpful to me when I first started writing. She went to a critique group with my manuscript because I couldn't find a group where we lived.

Our children all grew up, married and started homes of their own, and we moved to the town where we live now--and not long after so did my sis and her entire family. For awhile, we had a great time doing all sorts of things together.

Mom and Dad moved up here too. Dad wasn't in good health. Mom, my sis, and I all went to Hawaii on a wonderful tour, a time we'll all remember. Dad passed away. We had a huge party for mom's 80th birthday, What a hoot, over 100 people came.

My sis's kids all moved to Las Vegas to find jobs taking the grandkids with them. My sis couldn't stand it so she and her hubby moved there too. Once they got settled, they took mom too.

We visit often, even though the drive to Vegas is horrendous and keep in touch via the phone and email.

For the last three years we've had a family reunion in Barstow which is a good middle meeting ground. We both have lots of grandkids and great-grandkids. Cousins come too. The next one will be the end of this month.  And in November, we're going on a cruise together to celebrate my husband's and my 60th wedding anniversary. I'm really looking forward to the cruise and spending a lot of time with my sis.

Happy, Happy Birthday, Margie

Love you,



And by the way, her daughter (my niece) is wonderful... and she's my only niece. The boys are pretty great too.


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