Just in Time for Christmas

A bunch of us mystery writers are going on tour together from November 25th through December 8th. It's quite an eclectic group--and this time we're being joined by some new author including a few men.

Each of us will have a new author on our blog every day and we will be appearing on another's blog that same day.

This is the schedule for who will be on my blog during that time period:

November 25  Jean Henry Mead
November 26  Jackie King
November 27  Timothy Hallinan
November 28  M. M. Gornell (Madeline)
November 29  Wendy Gager
November 30  Alice Duncan
December 1 -John M. Daniel
December 2  Pat Browning
December 3  Ron Benrey
December 4  Beth Anderson
December 5  Anne K. Albert
December 6  Earl Staggs
December 7  Jinx Schwartz
December 8  Mike Orenduff

And I'll be visiting the following blogs:

November 25 Mike Orenduff
November 26  Jinx Schwartz
November 27  Earl Staggs
November 28  Anne K. Albert
November 29  Beth Anderson
November 30  Ron Benrey
December 1  Pat Browning
December 2  John M. Danile
December 3  Alice Duncan
December 4  Wendy Gager
December 5  M. M. Gornell (Madeline)
December 6 Timothy Hallinan               
December 7  Jackie King
December 8  Jean Henry Mead

Of course when the tour is really on, I'll have clickable links to these various blogs.

If you have readers on your Christmas list, this would be a good chance to do some Christmas shopping, or even to buy yourself a book from an author you haven't read before.

I promise that you'll find out interesting tidbits about these mystery writers and their books.



cv writing said…
Very interesting! Thanks!
Anne K. Albert said…
It's going to be such fun, Marilyn! I can't wait. :)

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