Killer Nashville Photos

These photos were taken by dear John Nehring.

The first in my panel on POV.

Second photo is my panel on Promotion.

Last photo is of me and some of my favorite writing friends who I seldom get to see but am able to keep in touch thanks to the Internet.

Left to right: Randy Rawls who I met for the first time in Monterey at my very first Bouchercon. And we've been at several other conferences together.

Next is me.

Dear, dear friend Radine Tree Nehring. We had such a delightful time catching up at Killer Nashville. We've met mostly at the now defunct Mayhem in the Midlands, but we also got together at other cons.

And the couple is Chester Campbell and his lovely wife. We've bumped into each other at several Bouchercons.

The best part of any convention or conference is running into old friends.



very interesting post! thanks!!!!!!

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