A Little More About the CC Writers Conference

That was one busy weekend--and because the hotel was in one place and the conference in another--Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo, once we got to the conference spot, that's where we stayed for the day/evening.

It all began finding the La Serena Hotel. It's a great place and we'd stayed there once before. That evening we met Victoria Heckman and her hubby, Dave, and Sue McGinty, and her fellow, for dinner. Thank goodness for my GPS or we'd never have found the place. Good food and great conversation.

We headed over to Cuesta College before noon the next day so I could check my books into the conference book store. Again the GPS guided us, but after we got there we wandered all over the place trying to find the location of the conference--and it's one mighty big campus. Books checked in, checked in for the conference, we ate lunch in the college cafeteria and were joined by friends from Exeter--Gloria and Mary.

The first session in the afternoon was all about Tech Toys and Tools with demos. Also Mark Coker of Smashwords spoke as I wrote about earlier.

The conference chair, Judy Salamacha, introduced folks and began the conference. (She did a wonderful job with this most smoothly run conference.)

The keynote speaker was Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author. He was great and truly impressed me when he said he writes 3 books a year plus a lot of other writing for publication.

There were classes that evening, but I was exhausted and we headed back to our hotel.

The hotel had a free breakfast and we took advantage of it.

Saturday was a busy, busy day. I taught a class at 8:45 to 10:15 on Mystery Writing 101--fun and lots of great people attended, then right after from 10:45 to 12:15 I taught another class on setting, again I loved doing it and the attendees were responsive and fun.

The downside of all this is I'd wrenched my knee some how and it was painful to walk. Fortunately, the college has little carts and volunteers drove people like me up and down the hills to the classrooms and back.

We had box lunches that had way too much food in them. (Most of the time while I was off doing things, hubby was reading a book which he managed to finish by the time the conference was over. He did go with me to some of the main sessions.)

I attended Lauire Mc Leans' workshop in the afternoon as I reported in an earlier blog.

Mark Coker also did the closing session also included in an earlier blog.

From 4:45 to 5:50 was table talks. All the speakers sat at their own table and those who wanted to speak to them did. That was fun. I enjoyed the personal talks with people who had come to my classes.

At 6 p.m. there was a party at a local bookstore--near enough for us to walk from the hotel to the party. Lots of good food, wine to taste, and of course visiting with everyone. (I had to walk slow, but my knee was a bit better.) We didn't stay long, I was absolutely pooped.

Sunday a.m. we were up early once again, grabbed a bite in the breakfast room at the hotel and then jumped in the car to head over to the Central Coast Book Festival. GPS guided us right there. We were able to drive right up to my table and drop everything off. Hubby went off to park the car while I set up my table. More about that tomorrow.



very good post! I really like it!
Sun Singer said…
I feel tired just reading about your schedule!


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