More Photos From the Mitchell Family Reunion

At the talent show, Great-grandson, Aaron, showing off his basketball tricks.

Great-granddaughter Peyton doing her Irish dancing--and she's really good.

Great granddaughters Jaslyn and Kay'Lee dancing

Front row, Flossie (100 yrs old), me (niece) Back row, Dixie (daughter), Margie (niece)

Piercy, brother-in law; Margie, my sis; George; cousin, me, Bonnie, George's wife

A lot, but not all, of the females at the reunion.

My daughters, Dana, Lisa and Lori who pulled off and did all the work for our surprise 60th celebration.

A little known fact about the Mitchell Family reunion, no one with the last name of Mitchell has actually come. We do have two cousins with the Mitchell last name and they have offspring. They are always invited but have as yet to make an appearance.

My sister and me and my cousin Barbara were all Mitchells. Lots of Margie's family shows up--all four of her kids were there (only three of mine), and like me lots and lots of grands and great grands. Barbara's one son and her daughter and one grandkid made it.

Not everyone stays until the bitter end and that's when most of these photos were taken.

I promise I'll get back to interviews, writing tips, etc. starting tomorrow.



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