My Presentations at Central Coast Writing Conference

I will be giving two classes--when I last saw the schedule, one was right after the other first thing in the a.m. I function best in the morning so it's really okay.

I'm going to be presenting on "How to Write a Mystery" and "The Importance of Setting--or Where the Heck Are We?"

We are having box lunches at noon and then more presentations in the afternoon, but I can just enjoy them.

I think there's a time when people can just talk to authors, but I'm not sure when that is.

I will have my books for sale, though I must take them to the bookstore myself--that's nothing new for me. That's what happens when you with a small press.

At the end of the day, the conference is having a great party back in Morro Bay for all the staff and volunteers. Looking forward to it--though know my husband and myself--we'll probably poop out early.

It'll be fun to see how all this turns out.



Cheryl said…
Hope it all went well.

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