On Writing a New Novel

I'm working on a new Rocky Bluff P.D. mystery. No title as yet, but besides the murder, here are the things I want to do.

The RBPD is still under staffed, will that be a factor in what's going wrong in town?

Learn more about Barbara Stickland's pregnancy. Things are not going to go smoothly.

Though Felix and Wendy Zachary's baby girl, Ruby, is perfect, not all is perfect.

A new hire, a female, is paired with Gordon Butler. Does it mean he'll have a new love interests?

Vaughn Aragon is back though on limited duty.

Stacey Milligan will play an important part in an investigation apart from the murder--or is it?

Instead of talking about it, I need to get down to writing.



LD Masterson said…
You write it, we'll read it.
Patricia Gligor said…
Don't you just love all the possibilities when you're writing a new novel for your series? It's such a great opportunity to explore your characters further and to add new characters to the mix.

~Heidi~ said…
Our town is experience layoffs in the police department, and they even recently shut down a jail and let out a lot of non-violent offenders. I think you could explore what that does to a town -- do a news Google search on prisoner releases and understaffed police departments and increasing crime rates, and you'll get lots of good background info. :)

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