Planning an Author Event

This was another panel I attended.

Some of their ideas:

Let people know you're having an event through Facebook and E-mail.

Have food. (Never underestimate the power of food.)

Invite the press.

Blurb about yourself and the book.

Join organizations-not just writers groups.

Find the large online book clubs like Goodreads and promote yourself and event there.

I was a bit disappointed in this panel. Here are some of my ideas:

If a regular bookstore isn't interested, have your event in any of the following places:

used book store
senior citizens center
recreation center
coffee shop
local gift shop
art gallery
hotel, bed and breakfast, inn
your own home or someone else's

Find a tie-in with your book to a local place.

Serving food is good--but you could just have coffee and cookies
A cake with your book cover on the top.
You can plan to give a talk, or just visit with the folks as they come in.

Do send out e-mails and even written invitations to those you know who like your books.
Twitter as well as Facebook about the event.

Have plenty of books on hand and be sure to have a couple of pens for signing.

Have a guest book for people to sign and give their email address especially if you have a newsletter.

Anyway, those are some of my ideas.



Thanks for this post! i really enjoyed reading it!!!

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