Some Comments the Future of Publishing

One of the panels I attended was on the topic of what was going to happen with publishing in the future.

The moderator was definitely against e-publishing--the others had some interesting comments.

Mass-market is disappearing and being replaced by Trade Paperbacks.

E-books are definitely making a dent in the brick and mortar books stores. I though it was interesting, the manager of Barnes and Noble who manned the book store was reading on his Nook during most of the conference. He said the Nook is saving Barnes and Noble.

One woman warned about flipping prices on your e-books, that the readers may object.

Some folks are said to read the e-book and if they like it, buy the paperbook.

Overall book sales have risen.

Big publishers are unrealistic about the price of a hardcover which might be anywhere from $25 to $30.

E-books are bringing in more readers.

What publishers bring to the table is quality control.

It was mentioned that some of the e-books are drek because they haven't been edited.

Some agents are becoming rights managers--others have turned into e-publishers.

Change is going on, that's for sure, change is always inevitable.

Since I've been writing and getting published I've seen major changes think:

Carbon paper/Copiers
Snail mail/E-mail
THE INTERNET--brought on the biggest change in so much.

None of the panelists really new what the future of publishing would bring.



thesis samples said…
very cool psot thanks!
thejoanie said…
I liked seeing the comment about publishers being quality control. I've been wondering about the 'drek' appearing on epublished works...thanks for your blog.

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