Some Writing Tips from Killer Nashville

Not necessary to write your story in sequence. If a future scene comes to you, write that one then go back.

You need to keep on writing, no matter what.

Think of how the words sounds, do they have coherence and smoothness?'

Don't wait for the muse to show up, write the same time, same place everyday.

When you really get going the time will disappear.

Be thankful that you have the time to write.

Take care of each problem as it comes up--one at a time.

Spend enough time in revision so you really get the feel of the story.

Must be some tension in each chapter.

Write it first, you must do the first draft and then you go from there.

Read it aloud.

Vary the sentence structure.

Forget what your English teacher told you--people speak in fragments.

Look at how writers you like put words together.

Find a critique group to hear your words.

All good advice.



LD Masterson said…
All VERY good advice.

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