What Else Happened at the Family Reunion

We had a great 100th birthday part for my Aunt Flossie. We talked about her life in 10 year segments--put together by my cousin, Dixie and read by her, my sis and me. Dixie's son, Gary, supplied the information about historical facts in history that happened during each decade and different members of the family covered those. Of course we also had wonderful birthday cake. (This was after a lunch of pizza and salad.)

During this time family members were getting their photos taken in the adjoining room, and later the whole bunch of us went out by the pool for a group photo.

Chili I made was for supper as well as chips and a great fruit salad by cousin Dixie, and we all ate again. (Our family reunion includes a lot of eating.) After supper was the talent show. Kids sang and danced, demonstrated karate, did a cheer, and a even a boxing demo.

Then, the grown kids got up and began moving the partition into the next room which was all set up theater style. Two thrones were in front next to a big screen. I had no idea what was going on. One of our girls announced we were celebrating hubby's and my 60th wedding anniversary. We were given royal robes to wear and a crown and told to sit in the throne.

Daughter Lori had prepared a story board about our married life that contained all sorts of candy bars that fit into the tale. How she managed to find all those candy bars is amazing.

Then a slide show of our life from our wedding on--prepared by grandson-in-law Mark. Wow, have we aged.

It was really something and I have no idea when they fixed the room up because it was the same room where the photography happened. I guess while we were taking care of feeding people our evening meal.

A table was set up at the side with huge "diamonds" and we were all served a root beer float. A tradition in our family when all the kids were growing up, root beer floats were how we always celebrated special occasions.

What a grand surprise!

Marilyn, who is still amazed that I had no inkling about what was going on.

P.S. we ended the evening playing a rip roaring game of Estimation--another family tradition.


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Sure was a fun weekend. Glad you enjoyed your surprise.

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