2nd Day at the Apple Festival

Today was easy to set up because we left the tent, table and chairs. All we had to do was unload the car and set up. Sent hubby off to the Lion's pancake breakfast while I put up the books.

By the first hour I'd sold 4 books. Unfortunately the rest of the day wasn't quite so good. Oh, I sold quite a few books, but not 4 in an hour again. There were long period of time when no one came near my booth.

Will Lloyd, a Porterville video guy who I've known for a long time, came by and asked me to read a bit out of Bear With Us. I read one exciting paragraph. (Readings are not one of my favorite things to do.) He shot me so close you'll be able to counts all my wrinkles and flaws of which there are plenty. Who could pass up such a chance?

As with all events like this we saw many people we haven't seen for a long, long time. The only problem with this is sometimes the names come back easily and sometimes not. And again, we met lots of interesting folks.

I do think the economy may have a lot to do with the lack of sales. All the vendors complained that it was much slower than last year. I'll have to decide whether I want to do it again or not.

The one person who was kept really busy was the young woman doing portraits. She charged $25 per person and though it went in spurts, she was kept pretty busy.

And I think food sales must've been good because everyone walked around eating and drinking--plus the picnic tables set up near the food booths were always full.

My son-in-law and daughter came at closing time and helped us break down, but they had to hurry off. We stopped and ate dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Nuevo Mexicali 3.

And that's my report from the Springville Apple Festival.



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