Book Launch for Bears With Us

Today, October 8, from 1 - 4, I'll be at Books Off Main, Oak Street behind Subway in Porterville with my latest book, Bears With Us. This will be the first time it's offered for sale in my neck of the woods.

Books Off Main is a small, used bookstore that has been kind enough to allow me to launch several of my books there. They also carry several copies of my other books.

This will be a most informal event with refreshments available.

I'll be glad to tell you what inspired Bears With Us or answer any questions about the writing or publishing world--or we can just visit.

Here are a couple of reviews the book has received so far:

5.0 out of 5 stars Thumbs up for Marilyn Meredith's Latest!

I just love curling up with a Marilyn Meredith novel. Bears With Us didn't disappoint. Marilyn's writing is as usual, crisp and sharp--and her story interesting,touching timely issues in a lot of folks lives, and connected to Native American traditions. I particularly like her character Nick Two John, and he plays a key role in this mystery. For me, by this time, Tempe and Hutch Crabtree feel like old friends. So reading Bears With Us was like visiting familiar friends--very comfortable, and enjoyable. I'd had a long day when I curled up with Marilyn's latest, and it was just the ticket! I read the e-book on my Kindle and loved it.--M. M. Gornell

* * *

Marilyn Meredith's latest Deputy Tempe Crabtree offering, "Bears With Us," is full of the well-crafted twists and turns we've come to expect from her.  It also has a lot of bear action, as we might expect from the title.  For those readers who may not live in bear-y areas, it accurately depicts what life with those creatures can be like.  (Just check out some of our National Park's pages like Yellowstone and Yosemite and see the real damage bears can do!)  Far from the cuddle teddy bear image we've grown accustomed to, we are treated not only to a well-crafted tale, but also it's topped off with the unpredictability of 'nature.'  And isn't that what really happens in our lives?  Unpredictability.

--Victoria Heckman, author of Hawaii Mysteries and "Burn Out." Sisters in Crime-Central Coast Chapter President

If you live in the area, I do hope you'll come out and see me. And remember, an autographed books makes a dandy Christmas present.



Monti said…
Wishing you luck with your latest, Marilyn. You're amazing!!!

it is a great post! i like it and thank you for sharing your experience!

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