First Day at the Apple Festival

1/2 of my booth, the Deputy Tempe Crabtree books

We left the house at 7 a.m. Even though we had the tent set up, it's crazy in town with all the cars and trucks and people trying to fix their booths. The rule is, all vehicles must be off the premises by 8. (Of course there are many who don't know how to follow rules.) We had the car unloaded in about 15 minutes. Hap had the car tucked away quite nicely soon after. Parking is difficult as there is no parking on the street at all. People coming to the Festival can park in the rodeo grounds and the Eagle Mountain Casino provides shuttles into town and back out again.

People started meandering around town close to 9. Where we were didn't got a whole lot of traffic for a long time, but my advertising on Facebook about where I was located paid off, and people came looking for me.

At first it was cold and my feet froze--but it didn't stay that way long.

Surprisingly, I sold 3 copies of my book Two Ways West, which costs $20. The biggest seller was my latest book, Bears With Us. I also gave lots of cards out to people who asked if the book was available on Nook or Kindle--of course it is.

When I had one person looking at books, others showed up right away. Then there were lots of slow periods.

We did get an apple pie--the Springville Community Club makes hundreds and hundred of pies for sale every year. (That's what we had for dinner--apple pie.)

We saw lots of people we haven't seen for a long, long time. That part is always fun.

We were both sure tired at the end of the day, but it was a productive one. Not quite as good as the last time I went--being on the sidewalk right where people passed was a much better venue. No one can be on the sidewalk anymore (Cal-Trans enforcement.)

Will tell you about the second day tomorrow.



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